3 week Intro To T.R.E. and

Embodiment Class Series

3 week T.R.E. Intro and Embodiment Class Series
$70 - $90 Sliding Scale
Classes will be held at Breath and Oneness on 708 Capitola Ave on the following Mondays:
5/20 6:30-8pm
5/27 6:30-7:45pm
6/3 6:30-7:45pm
(This series is required for my other TRE related classes. Class space is limited and
pre-registration is required. See below for info)
Please join me for a 3 week Intro to TRE and Embodiment Practices class series to learn how to safely release stress and tension and feel more ease and joy!
Using TRE and embodiment practices regularly in a slow and conscious way can help release daily stresses and unwind more chronic physical, mental, and emotional patterns. These practices develop self-regulation which helps build self-trust, helps us respond more calmly to stressful situations, and increases feelings of empowerment and confidence.
Some benefits of these practices are:
- Better sleep
- Better relationships and social engagement
- Better immune and endocrine system function
- Greater emotional resiliency
- Decreased reactivity
- Decreased hypervigilance, worry, and anxiety
- Healing of old musculoskeletal and fascia injuries
- Decreased muscle tension
- Increased Flexibility
- Increased Vagal Tone
What is TRE
TRE is a series of 7 exercises, developed by Dr. David Berceli intended to initiate the natural involuntary neuro-physiological tremor response in the body by activating the psoas muscle. The Psoas is the first muscle to contract during stress in a natural response to protect our body from harm, and affects to the nervous system, brain, and body. Acute stressful events or long-term stress can keep this muscle contracted and create imbalances in many systems of the body.
One of the main benefits of TRE is to help us learn how to self-regulate by staying connected to our experience during the TRE process as tension in the psoas and body is slowly released. This release helps calm the nervous system, helps us return to a state of perceived safety, instead of remaining in a state of perceived danger, and helps us become more embodied and engaged in life.
What to Expect
In this 3 week class I will be covering a combination of educational and experiential learning, including:
- Intro to TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises)
- How stress and trauma energetically and physically affects the, psoas, nervous    
 system, fascia, and vagus nerve
- Basics of the Polyvagal System and Neurophysiology of Flight/Flight/Freeze
- Titration, Pendulation, Grounding, Resourcing, and Window of Tolerance
- Resourcing through visualization, body awareness, and the felt sense
- Constructive Rest Position
- The Psoas - Physical, Energetic and Esoteric (Taoist and Chakra systems)
- Simple movement and breathing practices
- Aversion, Attraction/Attachment, and Curiosity in our practice
- Group field and co-regulation - benefits of group and one-one sessions
- Why less is more - how to self-regulate with TRE
- Guided practice of TRE
- How to use TRE safely on your own
Some practices will be used between our weekly sessions so you continue to build resource and resiliency, and safely practice TRE on your own. We will begin with doing a short TRE practice to help you get comfortable with this simple yet powerful modality. Each week we will be adding a little more time to the session of active tremoring, slowly increasing your capacity to tolerate more, and go deeper each week. This will be very individual and I will be connecting with each person to discover their own personal path. I will also be available between classes for any questions or concerns.
I will help you notice certain emotional or physical cues that may be signals telling your body it’s time to rest or stop the TRE process completely. This is self-regulation. We are looking for small releases at a time, like a pressure valve slowly being released. This keeps the body from overcharging, or becoming overwhelmed with emotion or sensation. To help you stay grounded and connected to your body while using TRE, I will be doing guided body centered meditations before and after the TRE practice.
TRE has been one of the most useful tools in helping me heal from chronic health issues and the stress and anxiety that has accompanied it. I am excited to be sharing these practices and supporting others in cultivating more joy, presence, and health in their life!
What to Bring:
****Please DO NOT apply any perfume or essential oils prior to coming. I try to have this be a
SCENT FREE space if possible.
- A yoga mat.
- Comfortable clothing such as loose pants, yoga pants, leggings.
- Water
- Journal (optional)- for a short journaling session.
Please contact me with any questions at Laranoelha@gmail.com.
****While TRE is considered a safe and effective modality for releasing stress, special care may be needed in using it at certain times or with certain conditions, such as recovering from an acute or chronic illness, or traumatic event or situation. Please carefully read my Client Disclaimer and Waiver form and fill out the questionnaire after registering. Please do not sign up for this class if you have any of the conditions that are listed in my disclaimer as contraindicated for TRE, or not in my scope of practice to teach to. Here's a link to my Disclaimer
Register for this $70 - $90
sliding scale
3-week class series
This will be a small class with limited space so I can give each person attention during class.
****(Please note that the first class will be 2 hrs and following classes are 75 mins)
(Please take a few moments to answer the questions and read my disclaimer and waiver forms upon registration. Due to limited class size, pre-payment and pre-registration is required. I will accept cancelations up to 72 hours before the class start date. Cancellations after this time will be discussed on a case by case basis)     
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