Somatic Awareness and Mindfulness practices
Somatic Awareness and Mindfulness practices focus on the mind-body connection to help build present moment awareness. Past experiences and emotions become stored in the body, and it is through connecting to these emotions, memories, and images in the body that we can then release the experience, and find greater health, clarity, self-trust and resilience.
IFS (Internal Family Systems)
In my practice I weave IFS (Internal Family Systems) into the session to bring thoughts, emotions and memories back into the back into the body by focusing awareness on physical sensations. In IFS, the basic idea is that we have an inherent “Self” that, when connected to, will lead us through life with healthy choices and actions. Through some experience, this “Self” may have been protected by certain "parts" whose role is to keep us safe from feeling the painful emotions from that experience.
Often they keep us safe through behaviors that keep us from leading the life we would want to be living, in work, relationships, and in health. Through IFS we can communicate with different “parts” of ourself, much like we’d communicate with another person. When we engage with these parts, with compassion and curiosity, we gain a better understanding of what they need, and what they are protecting. This provides an opportunity to heal, or unburden, the emotions, memories and younger versions of ourself that have been pushed down and forgotten, often for many years. It's also an opportunity to create a new positive and empowering memory which forms new neural pathways, emotions and behaviors. This can lead to greater freedom, energy, health and trust in Self.
In this work we are in essence retrieving that soul fragment, releasing the negative beliefs and overwhelming emotions, integrating the gifts from the experience, and reconnecting with our Self so that we can come into wholeness again.
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
EFT utilizes specific acupressure points to calm and reset the nervous system, allowing the body and mind to begin healing.  I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in two ways; to help calm the nervous system down and relieve physical or emotional discomfort, and to anchor in a re-written empowered and joyful story or memory into the physical and energetic bodies. 

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