T.R.E. Intro and

Embodiment Class

T.R.E. Intro and Embodiment Class
(Required for other TRE related classes)
$25 - 1.5 hour class
Please join me for an 1.5 hour intro class on TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) combined with guided embodiment and visualization practices to help reduce stress and regulate the nervous system. This class is a requirement before attending my series classes so that you are well informed and can try TRE to see if it's a modality you would like to continue exploring.
This class will cover:
- Intro to TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises)
- Body systems affected by the practice of TRE
- How stress/trauma are physically and energetically held in the body
- Basics of the Polyvagal System (Flight/Flight/Freeze)
- Concepts of Titration, Pendulation, Grounding, Resourcing, and Window of Tolerance
- Resourcing through visualization and embodied presence
- Development of the felt sense and body awareness
- Constructive Rest Position
- The psoas and it’s connection to the Dan Tien in the Taoist tradition
- Simple qigong movement and breathing practices
- How to track Aversion, Attraction, and Curiosity in relationship to our practice
- Guided practice of TRE
- Group field and co-regulation
- Why less is more
- How to self-regulate with TRE
- How to use TRE safely on your own
  • Intro to TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises)
  • How stress and trauma/stress energetically and physically affects the body, psoas, nervous system, fascia, and vagus nerve.
  • How to safely release stress and tension from the body using TRE.
  • The Constructive Rest Position based on the Liz Koch’s work and the Alexander Technique,
  • Concepts from Peter Levine including titration, resourcing, grounding, and the Window of Tolerance by Dan Siegel.
  • Basics of the Polyvagal Theory, Stephen Porges.
  • Concepts of aversion, attraction/attachment, and acceptance/allowance in relationship to our practice.
  • Guided visualization and embodiment practices to help you slowly physically and emotionally reconnect to your body and felt sense.
  • Practices that increase vagal tone
  • The energetic aspect of the psoas and it’s connection to the Dan Tien in the Taoist tradition.
  • Simple qigong movement and breathing practices to increase energy, self-regulation and develop greater body awareness.
  • Group field and co-regulation - practicing in groups and 1-1 sessions
  • How to use TRE safely on your own
What is TRE
TRE is a series of 7 exercises, developed by Dr. David Berceli intended to initiate the natural neuro-physiological tremor response in the body by activating the Psoas muscle, one of the main muscle groups involved in our fight, flight, freeze responses. The Psoas connects our lower and upper half of the body, from the femur to the spine, and therefore is directly connected to the nervous system, brain, and body.
The Psoas is one of the first muscle groups to contract during stress in a natural response to protect our body from harm. During this process, it communicates with the emotional center of our brain called limbic system, which regulates our fight/flight/freeze responses.
If we experience chronic or acute stressful events without discharging the tension, the limbic system is continually getting the message that we are in danger, and it results in increased anxiety, hypervigilance, chronic stress and health issues.
The main goal of TRE is to help us learn how to self-regulate by slowly releasing stored tension and by staying connected to the body during the TRE process. This helps us calm the nervous system, become more embodied in our life, and helps return us to a state of perceived safety, instead of remaining in perceived danger.
What to Expect
Using TRE regularly in a slow and conscious way can help release stress and unwind many physical, mental, and emotional patterns. TRE stimulates our involuntary tremor response which can help take us out of our mind and into our body. Even though it’s involuntary, you have control during the experience.
I will help you notice certain emotional or physical cues that may be signals telling your body it’s time to rest or stop completely. We are looking for small releases at a time, like a pressure valve slowly being released. This keeps the body from overcharging or becoming overwhelmed with emotion or sensation, and helps us learn to self-regulate.
To help you stay grounded and connected to your body while using TRE, I will be doing guided body centered meditations and visualizations before and after the TRE practice.
Some benefits of TRE are:
-Better sleep
-Better social engagement
-Greater emotional resiliency
-Decreased hypervigilance and anxiety
-Reduced symptoms of PTSD
-Healing of old musculoskeletal injuries as it moves into the fascia
-Decreased pain and muscle tension
-Increased Flexibility
-Increased Vagal Tone

What to Bring:
****Please do not apply any perfume or essential oils prior to coming. I try to have this be a SCENT FREE space if possible.
- A yoga mat.
- Comfortable clothing such as loose pants, yoga pants, leggings.
- Blankets if you need back support or coverage while you are on the floor.
- Water
- Journal - for a short journaling session.
The group session will flow as follows:
- Intro to TRE and concepts (10-15 minutes)
- Guided grounding and meditation practice (5-10 minutes)
- 7 exercises to help stimulate the tremor response (about 45 mins)
- About 5 minutes of tremoring on the floor with breaks
- Guided grounding and meditation practice (5-10 minutes)
- Journaling (2-5 minutes)
- Check in and sharing if you want (5-10 minutes)

****While TRE is generally considered a safe and effective modality for releasing stress, it may not be the right modality for you, or the right modality for you at this time. If you are currently experiencing or recovering from a traumatic event and are not under the care of a licensed mental health professional, please contact me before signing up for this class. Certain emotions may arise during this group class and it’s important that you feel comfortable experiencing this in a group setting (no sharing or processing with the group is expected or required). Please carefully read my Client Disclaimer and Waiver form and fill out the questionnaire. Do not sign up for this class if you have any of the conditions that are contraindicated for TRE, or not in my scope of practice teach to. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
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(please take a few moments to answer the questions and read my disclaimer and waiver forms.)      
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