Energy Medicine and Astrology 

energy medicine
Through intuitive insight, guided intention, and curious inquiry, I help create more connection and flow between the energetic body and physical body. By tracking what areas of the system are needing presencing, support, and reorganization, I invite these areas to show us what they need. Gently pendulating between expansion and contraction, between resourcing and release, together we can find a greater sense of balance, resiliency, and trust. 
By incorporating Internal Family Systems and Ancestral healing, we can also do parts work, heal past memories, multiple timelines, past lives, and ancestral lineages. 
evolutionary astrology 
I believe the planets are living entities, each expressing an archetype that we embody and have relationships with. Each of us expresses the planets differently depending on their placement in the natal chart. There are shadow and light sides of each Planet and Sign, and it is our free will that allows us to choose to face and heal the shadow, and live in the light.
Astrology helps us remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Our connection to the Divine Source of Creation begins by understanding that we are not separate from this Earth and the Cosmos. The Archetypical energy of the Planets affects our vibrational frequency as they imprint into our being through our natal chart, and then continually influence us as they travel through they sky, triggering points in our natal chart. They help inform us of our lessons, challenges and gifts, so we can discover our unique truth and expression, and make healthy, empowering choices. The magic of this art is to offer us another tool to encourage us toward inspiration, growth, compassion, and understanding of ourselves and others.
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