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body & mindfulness based modalities for increased health, connection, and
nervous system regulation.

Liberation through embodiment

To be living this human experience means that we are in search of some
fundamental human needs;
Happiness, Connection, Health, and Authentic Expression
In life we have physical and emotional experiences that can create pain, anxiety, grief, and unconscious negative beliefs about the world and about ourself that block us from living and feeling inspired and full. These experiences or injuries, whether physical or emotional, can get stored in the body and create unhealthy habits and postural mis-alignments.
Through my own journey I've discovered that a combination of movement, healthy lifestyle practices, proper nutrition, and body-mind practices establish an optimal foundation for creating health, wealth, and connection. These tools and practices help us make better choices, create deeper connections with ourself and others, reduce overwhelm, build our capacity to handle more stress, and recover more easily after stressful and challenging situations. We can experience more vitality and connection, engage more fully in life, and express our creativity and authenticity.  
I use a combination of modalities including Trauma Releasing Exercises - TRE, Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT, Ancestral Healing Journeys, mindfulness and meditation practices influenced by Internal Family Systems therapy - IFS, Craniosacral Therapy, and nutritional support. I can practice all modalities remotely except for Craniosacral and I work with anyone interested in learning tools to reduce stress and create more joy, flow and connection in their life. 
My approach is trauma-informed with gentle and compassionate curiosity and a readiness to explore any resistance that may come up for you. Sessions are individualized to meet your own unique needs, allowing enough time for integration, individual practice, and implementation of steps towards your goal if we are working on a specific outcome.
I offer single sessions (except for TRE) as well as package deals for those that are ready to commit to their progress. TRE is a simple modality with profound outcomes and requires a 3 session commitment to help you learn to use the practice on your own in a safe and supported way.
As we tune into to the wisdom of the physical, emotional, and energetic parts of ourself, we begin to release unconscious patterns and trapped tension that can be the root causes of our many of our challenges. We may begin to see relief from chronic pain and health issues, healing of old injuries, discover a greater sense of calm and clarity, rediscover joy and pleasure, increase in creative inspiration, and notice our relationships become smoother, more playful, and our boundaries clearer and easier to maintain. 

Building Safety, Resource, and Self Trust

By slowly bringing our awareness into our body we begin building a sense of inner safety, and increase our capacity to experience more emotional range, resiliency and responsibility. Tuning into our sensations, we learn self-regulation, regain self-trust and rebuild the relationship with ourself by coming into greater connection with our body, emotions and desires, with acceptance and non-judgment. We can release stored tension, welcome in greater flow, coherence, pleasure, and love, and allow the hurt, sorrow, anger to be more gracefully and lovingly felt. 

Thriving Relationships

Relationships are the foundation of life. As infants and children, the way we were nurtured influences our styles of attachment which we bring into our adult relationships. Through somatic practices and supportive connections with others, ie. practitioners, friends, and loved ones, we can begin to feel more calm, secure and stable in life and within ourself. Our ability to release shame, guilt and blame, take on more personal responsibility and autonomy, and connect with others in healthy ways, naturally increases. We know empathy. We know our boundaries. We know what we will and won't tolerate. We know how valued and worthy we are of love, joy, and acceptance. 

My Offerings

Through a combination of mindfulness, energetic, and somatic (body-centered) practices, it is my goal to help guide you towards greater health, empowerment, and connection with self and others. These techniques help calm the nervous system allowing tension and emotion from held experiences to release. The body, heart, and mind find their way back to coherence and return to the abundance of Source Energy that runs through us. Liberation comes from having the courage to face our shadow, redefining and reclaiming our past, and finding the clarity and confidence to move forward with empowered choices. 

Somatic Awareness

Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) help ground our emotional experience in our bodies, and use this physical sensation as a trailhead to explore the deeper origins of our most challenging unconscious patterns. As a trained IFS and EFT practitioner, I help guide you into the shadows and discover the beauty, wisdom, and liberation that lies within you. 


Body-Centered Modalites

Our bodies have the wisdom to guide us toward healing. Craniosacral Therapy and TRE® (Trauma Releasing Exercises) help gently release stored trauma and tension, teach self-regulation and co-regulation, and bring the nervous system back to a place of ease and calm. Through this body-centered approach, the body's natural ability to heal many physical, mental and emotional patterns is restored.


Craniosacral Therapy 


Ancestral Healing and Intuitive Energy Work

The mysteries of life encourage us to discover solutions to our obstacles with creative inquiry, compassion, and patience. The Universe wants us to be living a life of abundance and joy. Through building inner resource, presencing, and witnessing of the body's unseen energies, we can begin to affect our outer experience by reorganizing our energetic landscape. 

Astrology & Energy Work 

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